Neighborhood Bible Time

Neighborhood Bible Time is an Evangelistic Revival for children and teenagers from four years old through high school. It is a program used by Bible-believing churches to reach their neighborhood youth and their families.

The Crusade is staffed by members from the local
church and directed by two trained NBT Evangelists. The goal is to reach every young person in the neighborhood with a clear presentation of the Gospel allowing them to trust Christ as Savior.
The boosters and youth are encouraged and challenged to memorize Scriptures and recite them. There are many Different types of Bible lessons taught during the week. The boosters are encouraged to reach their lost friends and to dedicate their lives to Christ. Changed lives and church growth are the results of Bible Time.
Bible Time is very exciting. Boys and girls love Bible Time because of the enthusiasm of the evangelists. The enthusiasm catches on in the entire church. Boys and girls love the balloons, prizes, souvenirs and awards. There are three different divisions of boosters in NBT. nbt
There are the preschoolers from four years of age through Kindergarten. This program has a unique style for their group with many different kinds of teaching. They have a Bible lesson, Mission lesson, a puppet lesson and others. The children make a craft and have a game time. Weather permitting, they have a time of games outside.

The Evangelist will make a brief appearance nightly to visit with this group. Refreshments consist of healthy snacks. The staff loves children and has changed very little through the years.
Next are the first thorough sixth graders. This group is unique also. The Rally Time Evangelist works primarily with them for the two and one half hours alternating between Primaries and Juniors. He will teach Bible lessons at their age level and have different contests between the boys and girls. The rest of their time is spent in a class room with local church workers.
Children are taught a Bible lesson, a Missionary lesson, and sing songs. They receive awards for accomplishments throughout the week. At the half point both groups receive refreshments.
Last but definitely not least are the teens in the seventh grade through the twelfth grades. This group is also very unique in their approach. They are divided into teams rather than boys versus girls. An Evangelist works solely with them. He coordinates their activities, preaches to them and participates in activities with them. There are also alot of contests for this age group as well.
The highlight of their week is the DU meaning “destination unknown”. The teens and sponsors board a bus and go to a predetermined place unknown to the teens. They have a meal, preaching, singing, testimonies and in general have a great time.
The Evangelists are young men that have surrendered their lives to the Lord and are currently in a Bible college somewhere in the states. They are very dedicated young men. They have a rigorous schedule to keep and many rules that they are required to follow to be in the program. They go through extensive training at Boulder, Colorado to learn the NBT program.

Mr. Adam enjoys things "Texas Style" after a hard evenings work!

You are cordially invited to bring your child to this great time for fun and Bible study! Mrs. Jean Ortega serves as NBT Director under the supervision of our Pastor, Dale Bigham. If you have any questions you may contact her through church office.
At the end of the week, the top point winning student in each grade receives a new Bible!