Sunday School

Find Something for Everyone


It’s our desire for everyone, members and visitors alike, to feel welcome and take an active part in our Sunday School Program. You will find that Arden Road Baptist Church is dedicated to teaching God's truth. We use the King James Version of the Bible and all Sunday School classes are studies directly from the Word of God.

The Sunday School Ministry offers graded Bible Study providing a spiritual foundation in Bible truths to meet the needs of the entire family. Dedicated teachers provide Biblical training tailored to the age of those in their class.

Each adult class provides a time of fellowship as well as a challenging study pertinent for today's Christian. Regularly scheduled social activities are a vital part of each class.



young singles

Mark and Hannah


Gospel Gals

ladies class


Home Builders

couples 20-29

Stephen and Megan Jones

Faith Families

couples 30-39

Cody and Paula

Standing Firm

adults 40-49

Jon and Tina

Pace Setters

adults 50-59

Danny and Marla


adults 60-69

Dane and Mary


adults 70-79

Mike and Trina  Froschheiser


adults 80+

Mark and Sherri


Please feel free to email us or call the church office with any questions you have concerning our Sunday School program. Below is a list of supplies (click the title to expand the list).

    List of Sunday School Supplies
  • Air pump     Hole punch     Stickers  
    Asst. materials   Hole punch, angel   Sticky tack  
    Baby wipes     Hole punch, cross   Straight Pins
    Badges/pins   Hole punch, dove   Straws  
    Bags, asstd. Plastic   Index cards     Streamers  
    Balloons     Key rings     String  
    Beads     Knives     Styrofoam balls
    Bells     Labels     Tape, Duct  
    Birthday pins   Large wooden shapes   Tape, Masking
    Bows     Leather Shapes   Tape, packing
    Brads     Leather tools   Tape, Scotch
    Bubbles     Ledger tablets, small and large Tape, Double sided
    Bulletin Board borders   Letters, bulletin board   Teddy bears
    Buttons     Lunch sacks, brown and white Temper paint
    Camera, throw away   Magnets     Thread  
    Candy     Magnets with adhesive   Thread  
    Chalk     Manila files     Three hole punch
    Clay     Markers     Thumbtacks
    Clothes pins   Missionary decorations   Tissue paper
    Colored packing peanuts Molding Clay   Toilet tissue rolls
    Colored pompoms   Muslin     T-Pins  
    Colored sacks   Needle point rings   Velcro  
    Confetti     Netting     Water color paint
    Contact paper   Numbers bulletin board   Wax paper  
    Cookie Cutters   Paint brushes   White out  
    Cord     Paint pens     Window clings
    Cotton balls   Paper       Wire cutters
    Cotton balls, colored   Paper clips     Yard sticks  
    Craft sticks     Paper towel rolls   Yarn  
    Cup cake baking cups   Pencil sharpener      
    Decorative roll paper   Pencils     Construction Paper
    Dixie cups     Pens     black brown lt, dk
    Dowels     Plates, plastic, paper   tan grey, lt/dk
    Drop cloth     Play dough     blue lt/dk green
    Dry erase markers   Polaroid film   red orange
    Easter grass   Post cards     yellow pink
    Egg cartons   Post it notes   purple lt/dk  
    Envelopes     Poster board, colored and white    
    Erasers     Push Pins     Colored Copy Paper
    Ext. Cords     Ribbon     blue, lt/dk red
    Eyes     Rocks     green orange
    Feathers     Rubber Bands   yellow purple
    Felt     Rubber gloves   melon pink
    Fiberfill     Rulers     turquoise gray
    Finger paint   Safety Pins     tan off white
    Fishing line     Saran wrap        
    Flag toothpicks   Scissors     Card Stock
    Floral pins     Sharpies     orange melon
    Floral wire     Small prizes   yellow off white
    Flowers, small   Small wooden shapes   turquoise pink
    Foil     Sponge brushes     gray
    Forks     Sponge shapes      
    Glitter     Spoons     Books:  
    Glitter confetti   Spray glitter paint   Craft Ideas  
    Glitter glue     Spray paint     Bible stories
    Glue gun     Squeeze paint   Bible quizzes
    Glue sticks     Stamp markers   Bible puzzles
    Glue, Elmers   Stamp pads   Dictionary  
    Hair     Stamps     Thesaurus  
    Hanging files   Staple removers   Bible dictionary
    Highlighters   Staples     Bible concordance