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Pastor Emeritus

Dale and Janet Bigham Married in 1971, the Lord blessed them with 3 children.  
In November of 1981, a young 29 year old Dale Bigham was called of the Lord to become pastor of a struggling Grace Baptist Church that had been in decline for several years.  Dale and Janet brought their young family Jeremy, Holly and Janell here to become the pastor to his first and only pastorate.  There was a small congregation of twenty some adults with buses that brought in many children.  The church had some large older buildings that they had difficulty maintaining with their small numbers.  The first Sunday Bro. Bigham came as pastor there were 12 adults in the only adult class that day.  The church supported a small group of missionaries at a meager amount by today's standard.  God has blessed this church through the ministry and leadership of Dale Bigham.

The Bighams continued in that calling as Sr. Pastor of Arden Road Baptist Church until 2015.  There has been progress and growth in many areas over the past 30 years.  Most importantly, there have been many souls saved, baptized, and added to the church.  Attendance average in 1982 was 93 per Sunday.  Today, the church averages over 500 per Sunday.  There have been numerous people who have surrendered to full-time service, gone to Bible college, and entered into full-time ministry.  Only the Lord knows the spiritual growth that has taken place over this time.  

In September of 2015 they were led of the Lord to transition into retirement from the position of Sr. Pastor.  Following the Lords leading, they desire to continue serving the Lord in a support type ministry as He gives opportunity.  Upon His retirement,  Arden Road Baptist gave him the title of Pastor Emeritus.  In lay mans terms, that is given to one who has "earned his discharge".  We support and pray the Lord will bless the Bighams in every future ministry endeavor.

Bro. Bigham is available to preach revivals, mission conferences and temporary fill the pulpit.  To contact Bro. Bigham and schedule him to preach, email him at dbigham@ardenroadbaptist.com or his cellphone (806) 433-4739

Note from Bro. Bigham:

Janet and I are grateful for every opportunity to serve the Lord in this season of our lives.   It would be our honor and intention to be a blessing where ever the Lord gives the opportunity.  Any dates not accounted for on the schedule below are open for scheduling. I can be reached at 806 433 4739 or dbigham@ardenroadbaptist.com.

If references are desired, feel free to contact:
My Pastor, Aaron Denson| 806 787 0614 |

 Or others I have  recently  preached for : 
Kyle Ohsfeldt | 806 662 8672 | Grace Baptist Pampa TX
Dan Preston | 970 371 4690 |  Bethany Baptist Church Lubbock TX.
Burson Corley | 505 860 7341 | College Heights Baptist Church  Farmington NM
Dan Lydick | 406 212 4374 | Rocky Mountain Baptist Church,  Kalispell Mt. 
Rob Seale  | 806 570 8681 |  Calvary Baptist Church Clarendon TX. 


An Explanation of our Current Ministry 

Janet and  I retired from Pastoring Arden road Baptist  in 2015 as I felt Arden Road Baptist had been  increasingly blessed of the Lord and thus needing greater leadership while  I personally ,because of age,  was in a season of declining energy.  I did not want the Church I loved to grow old in their ministry , attitude and personality. I wanted Arden road to be healthy and vibrant  for the challenges of the next generation .  

I felt the Lord would allow me to continue to minister by providing  Churches experiencing crises experienced interim Pastoral  leadership.  After a few inquiries  that  opportunity never materialized .   What did become available  to me was the opportunity for Janet and me  to travel and preach in multiple Churches .  So since October of 2015  we have been blessed of the Lord to stay busy in that ministry. However the desire to provide experienced interim pastoral leadership to Churches in crises never left me , if anything it became a greater burden as in our travels  we saw a  greater need for  experienced Pastors both willing and able  to provide interim leadership.   With that desire in my heart  and the leadership of the Lord I was contacted By Pastor Clifton Mizer asking if we had  any Sundays open and the financial capacity  to provide our own needs while filling   the pulpit of  Craig County Baptist Church in Vinita Oklahoma. This Church because of few people and building debt did not have the means to pay the expenses involved in such an endeavor .    Because of the generous financial provision of Arden Road Baptist we had the means and by the providential working of the Lord we  had three  consecutive Sundays available in February .   During those three Sundays our heart was burdened for the Church and a discussion began about  the value  of an interim Pastor to assist them  and our possible availability .     On Sunday April 7th we were able to be with them again where they voted unanimously to ask us to  interim with them until we can get them through their present crises and assist in finding their future pastor.    We believe this to be the will of the Lord and have agreed to accept the interim pastor position.   They have a handful of very committed  people  , a building that needs some very purposeful attention and  a debt with a balloon note in January of 2020.    We will arrive there the second week of June and live in our Motorhome while we begin assisting them as Interim Pastor .   Only the Lord knows how long this process will take  .    It is our desire the  process take no longer than necessary however  the goal is long term spiritual and physical  stability  for the Church so the time frame must remain open ended.     It is our  desire to continue under the authority  of Arden Road Baptist  as our sending Church and Bro Denson as our Pastor .    In short we will be the interim pastor of Craig County  Baptist  Church , working under the over sight , in cooperation with , supported by , with the Blessing of  and as an extension of Arden Road Baptist Church .    I do not know the Lords will beyond this present opportunity, but  imagine  the potential of fruit for Arden Road Baptist having been  directly humanly responsible for rescuing multiple Churches by being generous with,  encouraging and supportive of their Pastor Emeritus .

Forever united with you for Him :  


Dale and Janet Bigham




12th  Temple Baptist Church, Eldorado Ks. ,  Christmas services 


January 9 , 16 , 23  Grace Baptist Tabernacle , Ft Scott KS 

February 20-23, Talking Rock Road Baptist Branson West Mo.