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 | Cody Allen |

Assistant Pastor



My name is Cody Allen, and my beautiful wife's name is Paula. We have three children; two boys and one girl: Caleb, Caegan, and Kelby.

Though I was not raised in a Christian home, my father and mother were good parents. At the age of 12, I called on Christ to be my Savior. I was never discipled and grounded in the things of God, BUT in July of 1989 we joined Arden Road Baptist Church. After hearing sound doctrine preached and through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I realized my need to be biblically baptized. In August of 1996, God called us into the ministry. God miraculously worked the details out concerning my job, our house, and so much more. We were then able to leave in April of 1997 to attend Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. We had a wonderful time there. We were there for just over a year and felt the Lord was leading us to Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma? Yes, I couldn't believe it either!(Just kidding Okies) We had a wonderful time there as well. I graduated in May of 2000, much to the credit of my wife! The Lord opened the door for us to return to our home church and work here. We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to serve our Lord under the guidance of Pastor Dale Bigham, and now under the leadership of Pastor Aaron Denson. 

It has been a great learning experience and an even bigger undeserved blessing. What a great joy it is to serve a great Savior!

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