| Micah Lasseter |

Missions Intern

Email: mlasseter@ardenroadbaptist.com


My wife, Alex, and I were very privileged to be raised in Christian homes where we were taught the great truths contained in the Bible, and that our lives were to be vessels through which God could pour out his good news to the uttermost part of the world. Although being surrounded by the Gospel on a daily basis, I didn’t allow the knowledge of the Good News of Jesus Christ to truly affect my person, and thus for 14 years I was an “unconverted believer”. It wasn’t till October of 2008 that I truly realized my lost condition before a Holy and Just God. Therefore, on a cold, brisk morning in October I turned from my sin and self and trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation. It was the best day of my life! 

The next best decision was the day I said “I do” to my sweet wife Alex with whom the Lord is allowing me to serve Him. In 2012, God allowed Alex and I to attend Heartland Baptist Bible College where we were trained by godly men and women to fulfill God’s call upon our lives.

God has blessed my Alex and I with four sweet boys: Graham, Clarke, Reid and Hayes. Together, the Lord has called our family to go around the globe to an island off the coast of Australia called Tasmania where by God’s grace we will spread the Gospel which God Himself has entrusted us with.

Arden Road Baptist Church is a church that is passionate about going across the street and around the world with the Gospel as they fulfill God’s plan for the local church. It truly is a blessing to a part of the ministry of this wonderful group of believers!